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I sleep everywhere.
My only friends are squirrels.
I have no life.
I drink alone.
And I haven't see oldschool.

This is what I get made fun of for. </3> ___fakethepain Add it. Or it's over between us.
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Okay, so I'm pretty fucking pissed today, even though I had a good day.

Yesterday, I found out I could go with Jackie to see Blink182&NoDoubt perform in Holmden or something, cuz her friend had an extra ticket. Well..her friend was the ride, and well I had no way to get to her house, which was in Tenafly. Well, fuck me. No concert. I can care less about missing Blink-182, but I really wanted to see her, considering I manage to fuck things up so often. </3>need</b> that 80.
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Uhhhh. I need to learn how to drive.
And get to Tenafly tommorow by 4:00, which is 16.2 miles from Clifton.
I'll walk across Garden State Parkway.

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Christ, today was fucking amazing.

I got two 100s in math. Thats a first. 80 average, here i motherfucking come. Honor Roll, you betta watch yoself.

I also learned how to play Brand New - The Shower Scene. Fun song to play.

And Chris got his liscense today...hoho.oh shit. I saw Troy today and it rocked my socks. Good fucking movie...loved it.

Only thing that would make it perfect would be seeing Jackie<3, but I guess I can't get everything. But thats okay, I'll see my love later this weekend.

Good beggining to Memorial Day Weekend.
And I have 20 bucks. SCORE. :]

Peace up, A-Town down.
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Just finished my soc. studies project. Procrastination sucks...for the 35890298108952th time. I SPENT SO MUCH TIME ON THIS SHIT.

I forgot to fake sick this morning.

And I have school tommorow.

And I have no plans made for tommorow, and its a friday.

And yeah.

I need new music to listen to.

Thank god tommorows friday.
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You&me forever, perfectly perfect together, I know...

I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ears.

(-)Comp still broken, barely any music to listen to;
(+)Bought faded jeans, guitar picks, and a distortion pedal adaptor yesterday.
(-)Finals coming up.
(+)Memorial Day Weekend is almost here.
(-)I don't have off this friday, and Jackie does. No hanging out with her this friday because of two sweet sixteens. </3 Hopefully Saturday,Sunday,Monday will be better. (-)Minimal Progress in Math. (+)Good in everything else. My lowest grade in English is 97. :P (++++)Hellfest+WarpedTour '04! I CANT WAIT. The lineups are sick.. (-)I have to mow the god-damn lawn. (-)Three projects due friday. And I'm lazy. (-)Ants ate my boston kremes. :[ I really don't feel like writing in here that often anymore.
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